Our philosophy is quite simple… “only the best will do”

Serving world class hospitality at world class venues.

From customer service to quality of food and food service, this is what differentiates the Egan Hospitality Group from our competitors.  We have built an enviable client list that return time and again to us for service they can trust.  Our successes to date reads like a who’s who of industry and government. From an international conference to a discreet social occasion.

Egan Hospitality ensure that our clients receive a level of service and food quality unrivalled in the catering industry. 

Today, from our custom built facility in Park West, we ensure that everything we produce is to the highest quality and our HACCP accreditation guarantees it.

The very finest in corporate and event hospitality

Bio degradable Packaging

Conventional Plastic is made from oil and oil as we all know is quite the pollutant. Oil based packaging that is not recycled will usually end up in landfill and dumps or even worse be washed out to sea.

Plastic packaging can also take up to thousands of years to degrade naturally, releasing poisonous toxins over time, these toxins can pollute our rivers, canals, harm our wildlife and scar our beautiful landscape. By switching to bio degradable and sustainable packaging that can be composted or recycled, we can not only reduce our impact on the environment but also reduce our carbon footprint.

Fairtrade Coffee

Most small-scale family farmers live in remote locations and lack access to credit, so they are vulnerable to middlemen who offer cash for their coffee at a fraction of its value. Fair Trade guarantees farmers a minimum price, and links farmers directly with importers, creating long-term sustainability. Through Fair Trade, farmers earn better incomes, allowing them to hold on to their land and invest in quality.

Locally Sourced Produce

Our locally sourced food supports local producers and the production of their crops. It alleviates the reliance on long distance transportation and refrigeration of foods that are grown thousands of miles away. We are proud to support Irish farmers and small scale businesses that supply quality fresh Irish produce.

Sustainable Fishing

With an ever expanding population, advanced fishing techniques and changing environment conditions, there is now a need more than ever before to ensure our fish resources are managed in a sustainable and ecological way. Supporting Pole and Line caught fish is a key element in protecting our oceans from over fishing and archaic fishing laws.

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Real Commitment

Our in-house team won’t leave anything to chance. All suppliers undergo frequent quality checks and only the finest ingredients are used, enabling you to enjoy something from our set menus, or have a bespoke menu tailored to your event.

Quite simply, we work harder to ensure that the individual components come together seamlessly to provide a more comprehensive service. For example, we employ a higher staff to- guests ratio than most other caterers. This means that food is served hotter, glasses replenished more often and guests sent home happier.

Everything that’s important to you is important to us too. We take care to assess the whole impression. From the look of the room, right down to presenting an immaculate place setting using the finest crockery. If you choose to utilise an imaginative theme, we will ensure the food fits in perfectly. Or, if your event demands a fast no-fuss approach, our professionalism will lift even the straightforward out of the ordinary.

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Detailed Planning

It’s the quality of our team that really sets us apart. You’ll notice this right from the planning stage. If you already have firm views on your requirements, your event manager and banqueting manager will work together to ensure they are delivered. Or if you need help, ideas and reassurance along the way, this expert pair will guide you through each and every step.

These event professionals think ahead so you don’t have to. Thanks to a combination of broad experience and knowing our venues inside out, they’ll ensure every eventuality is catered for. From the quality of the service from morning coffee breaks right through to Gala Dinner, nothing will be left to chance.

So whether you are planning a working lunch for 30 colleagues or a lavish banquet for 1,000 international delegates, you can be sure everything will go according to plan.

About Us, Selection Of Our Food, Egan Hospitality, Event Catering, Catering Company, Corporate Catering, Catering, Wedding Catering

Attention to Detail

By attending to the little details, we’ll consistently leave a big impression with your guests. That’s why the food and drink served by Egan Event Hospitality have such an envied reputation in the hospitality industry around Ireland.

We plan meticulously for your event. But we are still flexible enough to accommodate any late changes or overcome last-minute complications.

What’s more, we’re always looking for ways to improve so that your next event with Egan Event Hospitality is even better. We monitor ever changing food trends the world over to allow our on-site specialist to keep offering you fresher ideas. Or tastier delights. Maybe even a more efficient service.

Make sure your next conference, banquet, event or meeting benefits from cuisine that guests will savour and remember. Discover how a little extra passion guarantees prestigious food and drink that can transform a good event into a memorable occasion.

About Us, Selection of Our food, Egan Hospitality, Event Catering, Catering Company, Corporate Catering, Catering, Wedding Catering