Catering Dublin

Catering Dublin Experts.

Take a team of 60 experienced hospitality personal. Season liberally with culinary award winners. Add in fresh ingredients from approved suppliers. Then encourage the highest standards at all times within a state-of-the-art production kitchen. There you have the Egan Hospitality recipe for a more enjoyable, premium catering and higher quality banqueting experience.

Whether offering simple fare or stunning cuisine, you can taste the passion that goes into every bite that our catering team prepares. Our desire to try a little harder is evident with our varied and tempting set menu selections. It’s just as obvious when creating something a bit different to wow your guests. Our menu planning and creativity can bring a world of tastes to the table, offering you a fantastic fresh approach to premium catering.

Egan Hospitality are experts in Catering Dublin, whether it’s for events, weddings or corporate meetings, Egan have you covered.